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Customizable e-commerce solution offering real-time integration between YOUR web site and accounting system!

Expand your markets across the globe! Generate orders 24/7, without having to spend a small fortune on a high-priced order processing solution!

AppFinity WebStore is an easy- to-use, online e-commerce system that makes shopping a breeze for your customers. You can accept orders securely from your website 24/7 as well as manage your product catalogs and pricing online ... quickly and easily.

The system can be integrated with a shipping quote engine that provides real-time shipping charges online (e.g., UPS or FedEx). Likewise, a payment gateway can be installed to enable customers to make payments not only for their current orders, but also for their outstanding invoices. The system supports, PayPal and CyberSource Credit Card Payment gateways.

With AppFinity WebStore, you can run your business easily and cost-effectively!

WebStore System Packages

AppFinity constantly finds ways to help companies with a wide variety of needs. That is why we have created two WebStore system packages to address your unique business requirements.

WebStore SB comes with a "ready-made" layout for your webstore. This package is suitable for companies that do not have existing websites. It provides the templates and functionality you need to build, operate and manage your online store. The system comes with standard web pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, Private Policy, Return Policy and FAQ's, plus e-commerce pages such as Shopping, On Sale, New Products and Best Sellers. You update the content of your web pages; the e-commerce pages are automatically updated by the database. WebStore SB can be used instantly out of the box without the need for further customization.

WebStore SME is a customized version of WebStore SB. If you already have an existing website, it probably enables customers to check stock and the latest prices, or view current promotions; however, it cannot process orders online. WebStore SME takes your e-commerce capability to the next level, enabling you to select the specific functionalities that you need for your system. You evaluate the standard WebStore SB features and assess whether or not they should be included in your WebStore SME system. This way, you can customize the system to your precise specifications, paying only for the features you need, thereby keeping your costs to a minimum.

WebStore Advanced Features

  • Supports User-defined Fields (UDFs)
    User-defined fields in the Inventory Master Data record can be used and displayed in the WebStore.
  • Save Web Order as Order or Invoice
    The system is designed to be highly flexible, enabling your company to define the final document generated by the web order. If the selected items have sufficient quantities on hand, you can save the web order as a sales order, automatically "deliver" the order internally or create a sales invoice.
  • Separate Items on Backorder
    If the selected item does not have enough quantity to cover the order, the system prompts the customer to either proceed with the backorder or decline it. If the customer proceeds with the backorder, the system splits the order in two (2): the first order contains the items that can be fulfilled and can be shipped immediately, and the second order contains the items on backorder.
  • Manage Item Specifications, Size and Color
    AppFinity WebStore enables your company to set up an item specification matrix and price for each item. This information will be displayed on the shopping product detail page.
  • Enable Multi-Language
    The system supports English, Spanish, Chinese, French and other languages.

WebStore Key Features

Easy Shopping

Customers can navigate into the Shopping, On Sale, New Product and Best Sellers pages to find the product they want to add to their shopping carts. With just a simple two-page checkout process, shopping is relatively quick and easy and involves just three steps: (1) find the item, (2) confirm the billing and shipping addresses and (3) enter payment details.

An order confirmation is displayed with a tracking number. Customers can use this reference number to inquire about the status of their order.

Calculate Shipping Charges

Calculating the shipping charge for every order has never been so easy. With AppFinity WebStore, you can set up multiple shipping rules and fixed rates as detailed by your shipping carrier. It also supports the FedEx/UPS Shipment gateway and calculates the shipping amount online.

Calculate Sales Taxes

The system calculates sales tax based on a pre-defined flat rate per state. It can also calculate tax by zip code to include state and local taxes.

Account Activities & Settings

The My Account -> Account Activities menu provides your customers with a snapshot of their accounts. In this menu, they can check their outstanding sales orders and invoices, review their purchases and preview their statements.

WebStore extends your billing and collection facilities by providing your customers with updated balances of their accounts online and in real time. This enables your customers to review their accounts anytime and spot any possible discrepancies sooner. With this capability, your accounting department can avoid the time and expense of generating and mailing hard-copy statements to your customers. In the Account Settings, customers can make changes to their personal information and change their desired billing and shipping addresses.

Quick Order Process

Under the My Account -> Order Activities menu, customers can use the "Quick Order" function to copy the line items from their previous web order. Products from the copied order are listed so that customers can confirm the items and update their required quantity. Once they click the "Add to Cart" button, customers are then redirected to the shopping cart page. A search function also enables customers to browse the list of items for sale without going to the Shopping page.

Online Payment Method

WebStore offers an online payment method that enables your customers to view their outstanding invoices and pay any amount or the full balance using a credit card.

Extensive Product Details & Categories

WebStore offers two visual references for any products you are selling: one small image for the Shopping page and one large image for the Product Details page. In the Inventory Setup function of the WebStore Administrator program, you can enter additional information and enhance the content you wish to display for the product.

By utilizing inventory table grouping data fields, nested categories can be defined for each product. Products can be searched by product group, by manufacturer or by entering product attribute in the "Advanced Search" field.

If your company requires more than 2 category levels, a Multi-level Categories Setup function is available. This enables the webstore administrator to define and set up the category structure.

Do Business With New Customers

Your company can expand into untapped markets by enabling new customers to simultaneously register and place orders online. Each customer account contains company information, shipping and billing addresses. The customer's information is stored temporary in the WebStore database. In the Approve New Account function of the WebStore Administrator program, you can assign a new Business Partner # to the new account.

E-mail Order Notification

An e-mail order notification is sent to the customer and the company administrator once the customer has submitted the order. This alerts the company of new incoming orders, ensuring that they can be processed immediately.

Cross-Sell, Up-sell & Alternative Items

WebStore feeds its data from the Item Master Data of SAP Business One. This integration facilitates cross-selling, up-selling and product substitutions.

Other Features

  • Gift Certificates and Coupons
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for products
  • Supports, PayPal, CyberSource and other online credit card payment gateway
  • Supports Verisign, Network Solutions, Thawte and other SSL certificates
 Download the WebStore for SAP Business One Fact Sheet
 Download the WebStore for AccountMate Fact Sheet
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