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WebSalesForce for iPhone / PDA
Now support iPhone      and Mobile 6 Phone   

Apple iPhone has become the major key player in this fast-paced changing technology! More often than not, people are seen carrying iPhones to check emails, news, stocks and even get hooked with sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Now, AppFinity extends the benefit of having an iPhone by integrating it with SAP Business One! With AppFinity WebSalesForce for iPhone, users of SAP Business One can now use their iPhones to check and manage their activities, sales opportunities and customer accounts; review stock levels and prices; and inquire order status and purchase history.

The highlights of this system are that it allows salesperson to place orders and record payments for their customers. All these activities are performed instantly thru iPhone's built-in Safari browser. No installation and setup on iPhone is required!

The AppFinity WebSalesForce iPhone system offers the most advanced solution to better manage orders and account activities for your salespeople and customers, while on-the-go, on mobile. This function-rich application operates in real-time and integrates to your in-house SAP Business One. With this integration, data entered into the iPhone can be collected and be updated into SAP Business One database in real-time.

Listed below are outstanding features that your customers certainly do not want to miss!

  • Supports iPhone or iPod Touch; runs on iPhone Safari browser, no installation and setup is required on the iPhone.
  • Allow salesperson to access "Today's Activities" and "Opportunities" in SAP Business One.
  • Create sales orders or sales quotes and saves them directly into SAP in a snap, 24/7.
  • Send order notification to customer and company once an order is created thru iPhone.
  • Process customer payments and apply them to specific outstanding invoices.
  • Perform inventory status inquiries and preview item's image.
  • Access Business Partner (Customer) Account detailed information, such as General, Contact Persons, Addresses, Payment Terms and Remarks as an extension of Business Partner Master Data in SAP Business One.
  • Review customer's transaction history: Orders, Quotes, Invoices and Payments.
  • Allow unlimited number of users to access WebSalesForce for iPhone system; SAP Professional, CRM, Financials and Logistics User Licenses are not required and used. Only an DI Server License is required.

WebSalesForce for iPhone Key Features


The "Today's Activities" function serves as a reminder tool for your salespeople. It gives a snapshot of all scheduled activities for the day including the planned start dates and times, type of activity, status, company names, contact persons, and relevant notes. WebSalesForce is designed to display only activities related to customers of the salesperson currently logged in. Within the function, new activities can also be entered to note all correspondences and transactions with the customer. Activities can be readily linked to any marketing document (e.g. sales order, invoice or delivery). They can be classified by status (open or closed), nature (phone call, meeting, task, note or other) and type (general, sales or support). With integration to SAP Business One, activities created are uploaded to your accounting database.


In the "Opportunities" function, the system displays a summary list of all possible deals for each salesperson's customer base. The list shows the planned start dates, customer codes and names, contact persons, status, and the current closing percentages. The data comes from the Sales Opportunity function in SAP Business One and are shown as 'read-only'. These are: Information, Potential, General, Stages, Partner, Competitors and Summary. By providing this access, a salesperson gains insight as to the current status of each opportunity such as anticipated closing date, potential amount of the opportunity, stages/activities completed or in process, and associated documents created in SAP Business One. Familiarity of which partners and competitors are defined for the opportunity prepares the salesperson to change or devise a strategy to win the deal.


Use the "Place Order" function to enter the customers' orders. The function is very easy to use and navigate. It comes with a search facility for the customer and item records. Salesperson can select the first character of the customer or item code to display just the records with the same first character. Once an item is selected, the device shows its full description, item remarks, available quantity and current unit price. A link to the item image is also available. The salesperson can simply update the order quantity and the discount percentage when necessary. It displays the item count and the running total of the order. To proceed adding the item, click the "Save" button. Use the "Checkout" button to continue saving the order.

In the "Order Checkout" screen, customer information from the accounting database is automatically loaded as default. In this screen, the salesperson can update the shipping and payment terms, enter the email address that will be used in sending the email order notification, change the shipping address and enter order remarks. After the order is submitted, the system saves the order immediately to the accounting database at real-time. An order notification will be automatically sent to the company's order administrator which ensures immediate processing of the order.


When the required authorization rights are provided to the salesperson, the "Make a Payment" function is available in the handheld client. The outstanding invoices are available for each customer for payment processing while at customer's site. This process lessens disputes and possible reconciliation issues typically caused by incorrect payment applications. As the salesperson posts the payment, the customer can verify the transaction and know his updated balance. The "Make a Payment" function accommodates Check and Cash payments. For check payments, enter the check number in the "Check #" column. Every payment transaction posted is required to be approved by company administrator. Once approved in the "Approve Payments" program, the system updates the AR Invoice and posts the payment transaction in SAP Business One. The accounting staff can review all the uploaded orders and payments thru the Web System Administrator program. The report can list transactions filtered by date, with information as to the payment dates, customer name and payment amounts.


The "Customer Account" enables salespeople can view more detailed account information as it appears in the Business Master Data window of SAP Business One such as transaction balances (account balance, open deliveries, open orders), billing and shipping addresses, designated contact persons and remarks. It also provides links to activities and opportunities defined for the customer. As an extension of the Business Master Data, it facilitates updating of general information including contact details, addresses and remarks. Any changes are automatically reflected in SAP Business One.


The "Inventory Listing" function allows the salesperson to generate a list of items and check their current status, including its base unit price, on-hand, booked, on order and available quantities. With its integration with your accounting database, the information displayed onto the Handheld PC / PDA/ iPhone client is always up-to-date allowing greater transparency about inventory movements. This helps in determining availability and scheduling delivery dates when customers inquire on a product.


The following documents are available for viewing in the WebSalesForce system:

  • Sales Orders and Quotes

    Empower your salespeople by allowing them to keep track of their customers¡¯ orders. The "Preview Sales Order / Sales Quote" function keeps your salespeople informed about the status of their orders/quotes in real time. With inquiry in a snap, salespeople can spend more time selling!

  • Invoices

    Collecting amounts that customers owe is a key aspect within the sales process. The "Preview Invoice" function gives the salesperson a detailed listing of their customers' invoices. For each invoice, the system displays the line item details, total invoice value, and order remark. The salesperson can choose to generate a list for outstanding invoices only or for all invoices within a range of period. With this information at hand, salespersons can help in following up their own customer base to ensure that they settle their outstanding invoices in a timely manner.

  • Payments

    Click the "Preview Payment" function to display a specific payment transaction. With this function, you can view the total amount of payment, invoice numbers applied with payment, the amounts applied and the related check information.

 Download the WebSalesForce for iPhone integrated with SAP Business One
 Download the WebSalesForce for iPhone integrated with AccountMate
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