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eShowRoom System

Does your staff spend a lot of time updating pricing and related information for products that you sell out of your showroom? Wouldn't you prefer to just keep your sample items on the retail floor and let your shipping department process orders once your walk-in customers have completed their shopping? If the answer is yes, AppFinity's eShowRoom solution is here to meet all of your showroom challenges!

AppFinity eShowRoom is an add-on to the AppFinity E-commerce systems family of products. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use intuitive interface offers the flexibility to your salespeople or customers to place sales orders in your retail showroom with or without Internet connectivity.

This system is designed for companies that have a relatively high volume of items on their showroom floor. Your sales reps can use a handheld device while assisting customers as they enter your showroom. Moreover, you can provide handheld devices to your customers and let them shop for the items they want. Through a Wi-Fi wireless connection, your salespeople or customers can pick an item and scan its barcode, check an item's availability and price, and review their order history. In addition, new customer records can be created on the fly as they enter their orders.

With AppFinity eShowRoom on-board, you can empower your salespeople to increase sales and deliver superior customer service!

eShowRoom Key Features

Do Business With New Customers

The system is not limited to processing orders from existing customers set up in your accounting database.

You can create orders from new customers by simply entering their phone number or company name in the "Phone" or "Company" fields and clicking the "Go" button in the "Place Order" function. As you create an order for a new customer, a temporary customer record is simultaneously created in the system. You can enter additional details about the customer before you save the order or amend the sales order at a later stage. To review new customer details, use the "Amend New Customer" function. The new customer will be marked as "Completed" once all the information has been entered.

Place Orders With Ease

Use the "Place Order" function to enter customer orders. The function is very easy to use and navigate. It comes with a search facility for the customer and item records. A sales rep can select the first character of the company name or item code to display just the records that match the search criteria. Once an item is selected, the device displays its full description, unit price, on-hand quantity, booked quantity and showroom quantity. The sales rep can simply update the order quantity and unit price when necessary. The system enables users to temporarily save selected items before they finish shopping. It displays the item count and the running total of the order. To proceed adding the item, click the "Save" button.

Complete The Order Process

Once the sales rep or customer has completed the order, use the "Checkout" button to save the order. On the Checkout screen, customer information from the accounting database is automatically loaded as a default. From this screen, the sales rep can update the shipping and payment terms, enter the e-mail address that will be used in sending the e-mail order notification, change the shipping address and enter order remarks. If a credit line has been extended to the customer, "Terms" can be selected during the checkout process; otherwise, credit card information is required to complete the order.

The system comes with a printing option. When the "Ready for Auto Print" button is activated, the order is immediately sent to the printer. Orders can either be collected by the customer or shipped by the company, whichever is applicable.

An order confirmation is displayed with a tracking number. Customers can use this reference number to inquire about the status of their order.

Unsubmitted Orders

You can generate a list of unsubmitted orders prior to transferring the data into your accounting database. You can review and amend the details of these orders as necessary. Any information required for processing that is incomplete, such as company name, phone number or address, is clearly indicated on the screen. Incomplete orders will not be transferred to your accounting database.

Repeat Orders

If a walk-in customer wants to order the same items as on previous orders, the sales rep can use the "Copy Orders" function to copy the line items onto the new order and then amend other line items as necessary. This function can also be used to view the order history of any existing customer.

E-mail Order Notification

An e-mail order notification is sent to the customer and the company administrator once the order is submitted. This alerts the company of new incoming orders, ensuring that they can be processed immediately. This is a handy tool, especially when the items ordered are currently not available in the store or need to be delivered.

Item Lookup

You can search an item by entering the first few characters of the item number or item description in the "Item #" field. For example, enter "mug" in the "Item #" field, then, press "OK" or the Tab key anywhere on the screen. The system will list all the item #'s and descriptions containing "mug". The items are sorted in alphabetical order; you can then select the item # for more information.

 Download the AppFinity eShowRoom System Fact Sheet
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