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Customer Portal

AppFinity Customer Portal for AccountMate SQL opens a self-service access to your customers, allowing them to view detailed order history, check order status, review outstanding billings and make payments, print statements and update their profiles round the clock.

With the Customer Portal, you can empower your customers by providing them complete access to up-to-date and accurate information. It is a cost-effective solution that eliminates countless phone calls to verify the status of sales orders. By enabling your customers to make payments in the system, it will lessen time-consuming paperwork to reconcile accounting discrepancies resulting from incorrect billings and payment applications. The added convenience at your customers' fingertips and the reliable automated payment entry processing result to an improved customer relationship, a sure win-win for both your business and your customers.

AppFinity Customer Portal and AccountMate SQL systems are linked to each other thereby enabling the transferral of a multitude of information from Customer Portal to AccountMate, and vice versa. The synchronization is automatically done, in real time. There is no need to manually import or export data ensuring accuracy of transferred data.

Customer Portal Key Features

Update Profile

In the 'Account Settings' menu, customers can make changes to their personal information and change their Email address, account username and password in the Customer Portal, billing and shipping addresses.

View Orders And Invoices History

The 'Account Activities' menu provides your customers with a snapshot of their accounts. On this menu, they can check their outstanding sales orders and invoices, view full order history for previous orders, and preview their statements. For each sales order, the system provides details on the shipped amounts and amounts on backorder.

The Customer Portal also extends your billing and collection facilities by providing your customers with updated balances of their accounts online and in real time. This enables customers to review their accounts anytime and spot any possible discrepancies sooner. With this capability, your accounting department can avoid the time and expense of generating and mailing hard-copy statements to your customers. The customer can click on the 'SO #' or 'Invoice #' link to print/preview the entire sales order or invoice.

Make Payments Online

The 'Make a Payment' function enables your customers to pay online. They can view their outstanding invoices and pay any amount or the full balance using a credit card. With an online credit card payment gateway installed, the payment will be deposited to the company's bank within one business day.

 Download the Customer Portal for SAP Business One Fact Sheet
 Download the Customer Portal for AccountMate Fact Sheet
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