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Since 2007, AppFinity Software has been a SAP SSP.
AppFinity's WebStore solution was certified by SAP in 2008 again in 2012. AppFinity products offer real-time integration with SAP Business One via DI Server.

AppFinity Software has been an AccountMate VSP since 2003. AppFinity's flagship product, WebStore, has been successfully deployed at many of user sites. AppFinity products provide real-time integration with the AccountMate SQL database.

AppFinity's e-commerce solutions deliver seamless, real-time integration with your accounting system.

E-commerce has emerged as a perfect design to carry out an entire chain of business process. AppFinity specializes in the development and implementation of e-commerce solutions that can fit the precise needs of small to mid-sized businesses. AppFinity products are designed for retail companies (B2C) and for wholesale/distribution (B2B) companies. We have Web and Mobile products that can integrate with your accounting system to support real-time operations; they are fully-customizable for your core business.

Who needs Web Products  

Traditional Catalog Sales Manufacturing / Wholesale / Retail Phone / Fax / Email / Order

For the company, the main benefit is being able to generate business 24/7, without necessarily increasing salary costs. Add to that is the flexibility of providing a wide range of products for the customers to choose from while still keeping inventory and storage costs to a minimum, allowing them to invest their cash on more needed areas. A self-service access allows customers and vendors to conveniently manage accounts, while a shared view of data provides greater transparency on their transactions.

Who needs Mobile Products  

Field Salesperson Field Service Personnel Delivery Person

Mobile solutions provide the information that your salespeople need to close sales faster. Using a PDA handheld device, your salespeople can search the inventory list to check their availabilities, prices and discounts. They can key-in orders made by customers, calculate the total prices and finalize sales orders, thereby cutting costs and reducing manual errors during order fulfillment. They can view transaction history, generate statements, process payment transactions and apply them to specific invoices as requested by customers.

Click on any of our Products below to find out which solution offers the best fit for your business.
WebStore -  Website, Online Shopping & Customer Portal (B2C & B2B)
Customer Portal -  Make Payment Online and Manage Account Profile
WebSalesForce -  Salesperson's Order Entry & Customers Relations Mgmt
WebSalesForce for iPhone / PDA -  Salesperson's Online Order Entry
On-the-Go Order Entry -  Salesperson's Offline Order Entry
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